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Pro Pool Inspectors

Common protocol of a typical residential pool inspection by PHTA Certified Pool Inspector:

We inspect the safety and structural integrity of:

  • All perimeter fencing and gate systems (including proper function of self-closing/self-latching mechanisms)

  • Pool decking surface integrity and mastic joint sealant

  • Pool swimming surface are and proper safety features (ex. Anti-entrapment covers, lighting, diving boards, slide(s), ladders, handrails, etc.)

  • All pool pump(s) equipment proper function and life expectancy (we also confirm equipment is appropriate for flow rates of pool size)

  • All filtration equipment proper function and life expectancy (we also confirm equipment is proper size for water healthiness)

  • All heater equipment and proper function. We do NOT light pilot lights on any pilot-light heaters.

  • All automation systems and remote controllers (also test signal strength for WiFi systems if possible)

  • All robotic pool cleaner systems

  • All sanitizer systems for water healthiness (also including oxidizer systems: Ozone, UV, ionizers, etc.)

  • All plumbing lines that are above ground

  • All electrical equipment that controls the pool equipment and proper safety thereof

  • And any equipment that may be specially connected to the pool but not common to the equipment above

We also offer Computerized Leak Analysis Test to confirm if the pool is properly holding water. This can confirm if there is a leak in the suction side, pressure side, in the shell or if the pool is losing water to evaporation. This test is an extra add-on for an extra fee and SHOULD BE ordered at the time of the inspection request.

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