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Irrigation System Inspection


Though irrigation systems are often desired to obtain or maintain a well-
manicured lawn; proper installation, maintenance and operation of these systems

is vital to ensure the system is a blessing and not a curse. Inspection of outdoor
sprinkler systems is not considered part of Home Inspection Standards of
Practice and is typically disclaimed from Home Inspection Reports. However,
Brewer, Inc. has partnered with “Sprinkler Medic” to provide inspection of these
systems and ensure you have the information you need to have a properly
functioning system in place when you move into your new home. Our partnership
with “Sprinkler Medic” allows for stream lined scheduling of your Sprinkler
System Inspection allowing both Home inspection and Sprinkler Inspection to
take place at the same time. Sprinkler System Inspection Reports will be sent
along with your Home Inspection Report. This prevents any unwanted delays due
to multiple days of inspections and frustrations due to availability. After your
contract is signed, we understand the time constraints placed on Real Estate
transactions. If a sprinkler system inspection is desired, when scheduling your
home inspection, simply request the service and we’ll take care of the rest.

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